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With more than 87 billion online searches every month, there's unlimited potential for your business. But in order to benefit from these searches, it is critical for your website to be found in the search engines.

eComp Marketing, a Michigan SEO company, offers  cutting edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to get your website listed at the top of the search engine results.

Based in Hancock, Michigan, we have served over 6,000 clients worldwide since 2007. We have the drive and the know-how to get your website the traffic it deserves.


How does it work?  Quite simply actually...

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Achieve top rankings in search engines...

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Big Benefits from SEO

Companies of all sizes can enjoy the many benefits of a successful SEO strategy:

1Offers Impressive ROI

2Boosts Your Credibility

3Increases Customer Engagement with Your Website

4Improves Local Business Presence

5Helps Drive Profit and Revenue

6Improves Customer Trust

7It Gives You a Competitive Advantage

8You Get Quantifiable Results

9Provides 24/7 Promotion

10Offers Long-Term Marketing Benefits

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Give Your Customers What They Want

All YOU have to do is let customers know you are there and what you have to offer. Being ranked No.1 in search engine search results significantly helps you do that.

What is SEO?

SEO is simply a process. A big part of the process is understanding not only how, but why your potential customers search for the things they want and how they do it. Anticipating how your customers will search for you is the basis for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is all about business performance – and its results. If your site is ranked No.1 on Google, you will get 42% of all the people searching for your type of business. The second position on Google offers 16%, and the tenth position gets 2%. But if you think about it, even 2% of 2 million searches is a significant number.

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How Does It Work?  What Do I Need To Do?

There are a myriad of methods employed to get results like being ranked #1, but let us worry about that; it’s what we are here for. All you need to do right now is contact us. Once we begin your Internet marketing services, you just keep focusing on your business. During the process we will rely heavily on your experience with your customers since you know them best. We’ll be taking care of all the rest.

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  Local:  906.661.2226


Toll Free:  800.675.6092


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What our customer say about us

Our customers come first. Exceeding your expectations is our number one goal. Below are real testimonials from our clients.

So my website is ranked number one of Google. Thank you so much for your help. -Addy A.
The upward spiral is happening. Your team has done a wonderful job. The result have been absolutely unbelievable... Thank you very much. -Judy H.
You are one of the first SEO companies I have delt with that have lived up to my expectation. -Darryl M.
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Experience the difference.

Build your perfect website today.

Our web design and development services provide you with a professionally designed website that is made by experts in the field, as well as 50+ different mockups for businesses from different industries! We have been on the web for years and have seen how websites have evolved. We use this knowledge to create the best web design and top-tier platforms for businesses today.


A price that fits your needs

Below are three of our most popular packages to choose from:

National SEO Plus
$937 /mo.
Our entry level National SEO package.

Perfect for businesses targeting a national/international audience with low competition.
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Local SEO Plus
$797 /mo.
Our essentials of Local SEO.

Best suited for small businesses targeting a local market with low competition.
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National SEO Premium
$1,437 /mo.
Our most popular National SEO package.

Ideal for businesses targeting a national/international audience with moderate competition.
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